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Robert Serra Domènech

Project Coordinator Trainee

Robert joined us in January 2022 and is a Spanish exchange student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Read more about his experience at EuroCham below.

1.What is the most meaningful project you worked on, and what aspects of it did you enjoy the most?


As Project Coordinator at EuroCham, you get involved with numerous tasks in order to assist the Business Councils. EuroCham is one of the main representatives of the interest of European corporations in Hong Kong, and as such it's important to make sure that the proposals of the Business Councils are well executed and run smoothly.

This March 2022, EuroCham published a report based on a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on the business community in Hong Kong. My job as Project Coordinator went from helping with the creation of the survey and its execution to assisting in analyzing the results. Personally, I was impressed with the big repercussion it had on the international press and the European community in Hong Kong.



2. What do you think are the most important skills to prosper as a EuroCham trainee?


In order to succeed as a  EuroCham trainee, you need 3 ingredients: first, passion for international affairs and the global economy. Second, have the motivation and willingness to assist the interests of the Business Councils.

Third, to be always ready for self-improvement and accept that as young professionals, we have a steep learning curve ahead.


3. Working during the pandemic must have been very challenging. How was your daily work affected and how did you manage to navigate the unusual circumstances?


One of the most important qualities of a team is communication. EuroCham's team is young and we have the luck to be directly connected with each other although we were mostly working from home. This made my job more efficient and enjoyable. Nevertheless, sometimes can be difficult to be constantly working from home, but EuroCham's team was resilient and we had the ability to work hard to keep moving forward despite all the challenges that surrendered us.



4. If you were to give a piece of advice to future trainees, what would it be?


Once you enter EuroCham’s team, it is important to be willing to multitask.  Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be an economist a lawyer, or a diplomat but having the ability to identify what skill is required for every task and be versatile will make you succeed and do a great job. Being a Project Coordinator at EuroCham means that you will be dealing with the highest representatives of European corporations and the HKSAR Government, be confident, quick, and ready to play in the highest spheres of professionalism.

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