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6 December 2018

WSBC Marketing Code of Conduct


Wine & Spirits Business Council of the European Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong (‘EuroCham WSBC’) members who are signatories to this Responsible Alcohol Marketing and Communication Code of Conduct (“Code”) recognize the harmful individual and social consequences that alcohol abuse can cause and do not wish to encourage excessive or inappropriate consumption of their products. We recognize the need to develop, produce, market and sell alcohol beverage brands responsibly. As a result, the EuroCham WSBC members are committed to respecting this self- regulation code for all their commercial communications in order to promote a culture of responsible consumption of alcohol in Hong Kong and mitigate harmful behaviour associated with alcohol misuse, e.g. underage drinking and binge drinking.

Purpose of this Code

The purpose is to ensure that all marketing and communication activities pertaining to alcohol of the signatories of this Code do not encourage or condone underage drinking, excessive consumption, and misuse of any kind or abuse. It is designed to respect and reinforce the relevant provisions on alcoholic beverages advertising in the Television Advertising Code and the Radio Advertising Code issued by the Communication Authorities, and to ensure signatories are committing to uphold the self-regulation in this Code.

WSBC Marketing Code of Conduct
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