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Future Hong Kong 2030

16 June 2020


Enhanced connectivity holds tremendous promise to help Hong Kong to achieve its smart development objectives

The ongoing rollout of 5G, will vastly increase the amount data that can be collected through an increasing array of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Increasing access to public data sets is an important way to drive innovation. As such, building a comprehensive open data ecosystem in Hong Kong will be a powerful way for empower businesses, particularly start-ups, to develop and co-create solutions that can address the city’s biggest challenges.

At this joint-chamber webinar, Marcos Chow, Head of Technology Enablement, Hong Kong for KPMG China will share highlights from a recent white paper, Future Hong Kong 2030, published in cooperation with CLP, Cyberport, HKBN JOS, Smart City Consortium, Siemens, Weave Co-Living and Wilson Group. The report analyses the factors shaping Hong Kong’s smart city transformation over the next 10 years and looks at how smart infrastructure and innovation like a comprehensive open data ecosystem can be used to address Hong Kong’s biggest urban challenges.

Marcos will then be joined by expert panellists Austin R. Bryan (CLP), Jimalyn Yao (Siemens), Daniel Chun (Smart City Consortium) and Jessica So (Wilson Group) to provide an update and share their insights on the following areas:

  • Implications of the 5G rollout for the development of IoT smart city solutions

  • How to create and leverage a dynamic open data ecosystem in Hong Kong

  • Importance of Digital Trust & Cybersecurity

  • Best practices in technology enablement from other smart cities

The Webinar will be opened and moderated by Jennifer Cao, the Vice-Chair of European Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and the Chair of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

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