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20 Sept 2023

European Week in Hong Kong

Strengthening Partnerships and Exploring Opportunities

The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is thrilled to announce the upcoming "European Week," a week-long program dedicated to fostering stronger economic ties between Europe, Hong Kong, and China. The event is scheduled to take place from September 18th to 25th. It will feature a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about the potential for trade, investment, and collaboration between these key global players, as well as thought-provoking keynotes, panels, and discussions covering many relevant topics such as macroeconomics and geopolitics, sustainable travel and tourism, intellectual property rights, circular economy, consumer awareness, talent attraction and more.

The primary objectives of the European Week are to showcase Europe as a dynamic and reliable trading partner for Hong Kong and China and to highlight the European market's numerous investment opportunities. The event also seeks to facilitate meaningful conversations and connections between senior representatives from Europe, Hong Kong, National Chambers, and the business community.


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