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Martine Mavungu

Project Coordinator Trainee

Martine joined the Chamber in September 2023.

She did a Dual Degree at HKU with Sciences Po Paris, and going to Paris to do a masters in international business and sustainability.


Read more about her experience at EuroCham below.

What is the most meaningful project you worked on, and what aspects did you enjoy the most?

The most meaningful project I worked on was the Greenway 2024 Event, where I was able to work heavily on the recommendations that shaped it. It was so amazing getting to talk with many experts about the topics we had chosen, getting their insights and ultimately writing them in a way that made sense and pushed towards a discussion. A discussion not only with the government but all the participants that took part. In that regard, what I enjoyed most was getting to present them alongside Nuria and seeing the amazing engagement and enthusiasm from the audience on the topic. It made me realize just how important sustainability is, influencing my future choices in my upcoming masters.

What do you think are the most important skills to prosper as a EuroCham trainee?

To prosper as a EuroCham trainee, you need to be flexible, you need to be opened to trying new things and you absolutely need to be very communicative when presenting your ideas. The work environment is such that there is space for you to be very open with the team!  

If you were to give a piece of advice to future trainees, what would it be?

My advice for future trainees would be:

1) Take initiative in the work and projects that you have and

2)  Be open to meeting people, because the chamber will never cease to surprise you.

What aspect of the role did you enjoy the most and what did you find challenging?

I most enjoyed working with the business councils because I would rotate between 4 very different and opposite sectors. The work and the topics were so varied and wide that it’s quite easy to get lost in it. And in this I think was the most challenging, at least at the beginning. I felt quite lost in all the abbreviations and specific vocabulary. But once I gave it more effort and research, I enjoyed every bit of it afterwards!

What attracted you to the role and did it meet your expectations?

A friend had recommended I send my application to the Chamber because she knew that I would love the work and the opportunities it gave. It fit my then studies and enabled me to put into practice some of the things I had learned up until then! The role itself met above and beyond my expectations because I was really given the space to work out my ideas, to contribute, to meet new people and execute some amazing and eye-opening projects.

What are the key takeaways from your traineeship? What was your most valuable experience? How Do you think it will help you with your future endeavours?

The key takeaways from my traineeship include the importance of flexibility, open communication, and taking initiative. Working at EuroCham allowed me to engage deeply with diverse sectors and collaborate with experts, which broadened my understanding and adaptability in a professional setting.


Additionally, another  valuable experience, apart form my contribution to the Greenway 2024 Event, was working with Business councils in establishing their positions, through which I had the challenging but very fun experience in writing a budget consultation letter to the government with regards to the Wine and Spirits Business Council!


These experiences have equipped me with valuable skills in communication, project management, and stakeholder engagement. They have also instilled a passion for sustainability, which I plan to pursue further in my master’s studies and future career. The traineeship has given me a solid foundation to tackle complex challenges and contribute effectively in any professional environment. 


I wholeheartedly believe that all future trainees will feel the same! 

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