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European Sourcing & Trading Business Council (ESTBC)

The European Sourcing & Trading Business Council aims to bring together companies in the sourcing/trading industry that see an immediate need for more conducive and targeted policies. The Council believes that Trade is an important pillar of the Hong Kong economy and has been so over the last four decades, during which Hong Kong has played a big role in also developing the knowledge base in South China aligned to the Central Government vision.

Main Objectives

  • To strengthen Hong Kong-Mainland Synergy: Deepening economic integration in the Greater Bay Area and building on existing schemes like CEPA is vital to help companies utilise the cross-border business model to the fullest potential. 

  • To improve Talent Development: An organised HR strategy is critical in order to nurture the next generations of talent for the trading and logistics industry. 

  •  To boost Tax and Regulatory Incentives: Tax policy should be aligned to the Government goals of increasing local spending and local employment opportunities. Tax and regulatory incentives are essential to secure the strong competitive advantages of Hong Kong as a sourcing hub. 


Large, medium and small enterprises from all business sectors and the European Member States throughout Hong Kong and Macao are welcome to join this Business Council.


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