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7 June 2018

EEBC Position Paper 2018

On 8 June EuroCham participated in a roundtable discussion with Dr. Astrid Schomaker, Director for Strategy at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment. During the roundtable, Ms. Schomaker gave an update on the main developments of the EU Circular Economy package, EU Plastic Strategy, and the next steps. In order to move from a linear approach into a circular approach which the European Union has adopted an action plan focusing on waste, plastic, and green buildings. Particular on changing the linear waste management process into a circular process whereby waste becomes the new raw material to be used again

EEBC took the opportunity to provide Ms. Schomaker with the first printed version of the Environmental & Energy Business Council 2018 position paper to mark the occasion

The EEBC 2018 position paper

In December 2017 Hong Kong Government presented Hong Kong Smart City blueprint. EEBC has addressed the strategy and initiatives identified in the Smart Environment section of the blueprint, relating to Waste Management, Green and Intelligent Buildings (including energy efficiency), and the Climate Action Plan 2030+. In addition, the EEBC position paper touches upon Hong Kong’s current situation, future opportunities and challenges, and presents a comprehensive comparison between the policy making and business approaches taken by Hong Kong Government and the member states within the European Union. The position paper includes concrete recommendations from a European perspective to improve the sustainability Hong Kong.In this annual position paper, EEBC has chosen to focus on the following topics:

  • Waste management

  • Energy Efficiency of Buildings

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions from Electricity Production

To download the EEBC position paper, click on the image below.

For more information, please contact EuroCham’s General Manager, Núria Sau (

EEBC Position Paper 2018
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