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Women of Our Times 2022: European Businesswomen in Asia

8 March 2022


EuroCham is hosting a panel at "Women of our Time" by SCMP, a 2-day hybrid conference. The panel "European businesswomen in Asia” will revolve around gender equality in the workplace from a European perspective, challenges and opportunities.

While we stand for celebrating Diversity & Inclusion all year round, the upcoming 8th March is the perfect date to discuss important topics such as Shattering Biases, Gender Equality, and Women Empowerment.

Our panelists shared the challenges and opportunities they stumbled upon, striking the balance between family and career, as well as cultural differences in the workplace between Europe and Asia.

The panel discussion is set for March 8th at 3:50 pm and will feature the following speakers:

  • Karena Belin, Co-founder & CEO of WHub and Co-founder & COO/CFO/RO (Responsible Officer) of AngelHub

  • Maaike Steinebach, General Manager, Hong Kong and Macau Visa Inc.

  • Sari Suono-Rasehorn, Chief People and Culture Officer, ISS Hong Kong


  • Anita Vogel, Senior Director, Head of GTM, Fossil Group Asia Pacific; Chairman of the Danish Chamber of Commerce and Board at EuroCham HK

International Women's Day
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