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Webinar: Talent, Employment & Income Tax in the Greater Bay Area

13 October 2020


As the region opens up, huge opportunities are emerging as restrictions on foreign companies are eased. However, different legal systems mean that expanding operations across the border can seem daunting.

The rapid growth and development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) is attracting the attention of companies and entrepreneurs not only from Hong Kong, but also globally.

Employment and tax policies, and access to talent are among the key issues that companies need to consider when setting up in the GBA. Harnessing the diverse skills of different professionals from across the GBA is one of the main attractions of the initiative, but hurdles remain in terms of cross-border talent flow.

To tackle this issue, the Central Government announced 16 policy measures that aim to benefit Hong Kong residents employed in the area, including a preferential individual income tax rate. Individual GBA cities have also rolled out incentive schemes to attract high-end talent from overseas.

What should foreign companies do if they want to expand into the GBA? How can they avoid falling into legal traps?

At this roundtable jointly organized by Hong Kong General Chamber Commerce’s Europe and China committees, and supported by the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Helen Liao, Partner at Deacons, will explain the latest policy developments in employment, talent policy, and taxation in the GBA applicable to foreign companies.

14 October (Wed) Time:16:00 to 17:00 Fees:100 HKD (Member) / 200 HKD (Non-member)

Contact us for registration and get the discounted code exclusive for EuroCham and its National Chambers’ members

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