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BritCham Infrastructure Symposium: Delivering Hong Kong's Future

28 April 2022


How can Hong Kong meet the needs for mobility, economic productivity, liveability and sustainability?

Hong Kong is home to over 7.4 million people living in a land area of just 1,106 square kilometres. This makes Hong Kong one of the world’s most densely populated cities in the world and its geographical location is often seen as one of the major factors in its success as an international business hub. However, infrastructure plays a significant role in the mobility, economic productivity, liveability and sustainability of a city. Can Hong Hong meet all of these needs?

To address this question, BritCham is hosting a half-day virtual Symposium on Thursday 28 April titled ‘Delivering Hong Kong’s Future’. We will welcome industry experts to share their insights and learnings across three sessions: 1) Dream Big 2) Delivering Infrastructure 3) The Role of the Private Sector



Ticket Price

Members: 350 HKD Non-Members: 620 HKD

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