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The Chief Executive of Hong Kong delivers Policy Address 2022


19 Oct 2022

The Chief Executive, John Lee Ka-Chiu, addressed the future of Hong Kong after strict covid restrictions in the annual Policy Address.

On Wednesday, October 19th 2022, the Hong Kong leader held his inaugural policy address before the Legislative Council and disclosed the government's plans on national security, governance, investment in talent, housing and infrastructure.

Here are some of the Hong Kong #policyaddress2022 highlights:

Full and faithful implementation of "One Country Two Systems"

- Safeguard the constitutional order of the HKSAR Enhance governance systems

- Improve governance systems on various fronts, including the decision-making structure, institutional objectives, leadership roles, distribution of powers and responsibilities

- Set up Chief Executive’s Policy Unit to enhance research capabilities for long-term and strategic issues

Attract enterprises, investment and talent

- Establish the HK$30 billion Co-Investment Fund to attract enterprises to Hong Kong and invest in their business

- Set up Talents Service Unit to enhance recruitment and support for talents from outside Hong Kong

- Launch Top Talent Pass Scheme to widely entice top-notch talents to Hong Kong

Create impetus for growth

- Attract not less than 100 high-potential I&T enterprises to set up operations in next five years

- $10 billion Scheme to support commercialisation of R&D outcomes by research teams

- Launch a new $1.4 billion scheme to support the convention and exhibition industry

- Invest over HK$100 billion (US$12.8 billion) annually on capital works over next few years

Housing and land

- Introduce Light Public Housing with target to build 30 000 such units in next five years

- Overall public housing production to increase by 50% to 158 000 units in next five years

Healthy and vibrant city

- Revamp healthcare system to focus on prevention and early treatment; set up the Primary Healthcare Authority

- Develop a “Round-the-Island Trail” of about 60km on Hong Kong Island

- New Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund to support international arts and cultural events

- Promote Hong Kong’s pop culture globally through film, TV and streaming platforms

For more detailed information please refer to dedicated website:

Photo credit: Bloomberg

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