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Revision of Hong Kong's Anti-Epidemic Efforts

HK Government

20 Mar 2022

Authorities have been under pressure from city sectors to open up, after more than two years of being closed off from outside world

BREAKING NEWS: The Chief Executive has announced a number of updated Covid-19 measures today, below are the main takeaways:

  • Flight Ban on 9 countries (Australia, Britain, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and the United States) to be suspended from April 1.

  • Quarantine for inbound travellers to be reduced from 14 to 7 days at designated quarantine hotels.

  • A phased plan to gradually reduce social distancing measures has been outlined starting from April 21 and set to last for 3 three months:

    • The first phase covers gyms, salons, religious premises, sports facilities and game centres. Limits on gatherings will be relaxed and dine-in hours will be extended

    • The second phase will see the reopening of all the other categories of businesses such as bars and pubs and mask exemptions for country parks.

    • In the third phase, all restrictions on gatherings in restaurants and bars will be lifted and operating hours will be further extended.

  • Face-to-face classes to resume from April 19 at the earliest: primary schools, international schools and kindergartens first, followed by secondary schools after the DSE examinations.

  • Compulsory Universal Testing put on hold, later on, considerations could be given to whether to conduct such exercise.

Find more detailed information in the transcript of remarks released by the Government here.

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