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Chair Amate on How to Revitalise Hong Kong's International Business Community

TVB Pearl

25 Oct 2022

Inaki Amate, Chair of EuroCham, was interviewed by Zela Chin for TVB Pearl to discuss the consequences of two years of rigid restrictions on the business community, transitioning to the 0+3 arrangement and if it is enough to regain Hong Kong's status as an international business hub.

With multiple organisations moving their headquarters out of Hong Kong due to the decreased flow of trade during the strict pandemic restrictions, it might delay their return to operate in Hong Kong in the near future. Amate puts emphasis on cancelling all border and COVID-19 restrictions in order to attract tourists and companies, thus also repossess Hong Kong's reputation as a safe place to travel as well as an international scene for business.

Watch the whole news segment here:

Credit: TVB Pearl

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