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EuroCham 2024 Partnership Program

29 Feb 2024

Get in touch to learn how you can benefit from it

EuroCham is excited to announce our 2024 event lineup, offering unparalleled partnership opportunities to support these key gatherings:

The Green Way | 29 April: Spearhead the green revolution with industry and government leaders to promote sustainability in HK.

Europe Days 2024 | 8-9 May: Celebrate European culture, innovation, and business, ending with a grand cocktail event.

European Pavilion at ReThink HK | 12-13 September: Join us at The European Pavilion, showcasing sustainable solutions and innovation at HK's premier business expo.

EuroCham’s Annual Conference | 28 November (TBC): Reflect on a year of advocacy and progress at our first annual conference.

Why Partner?

Your support, financial or in-kind, is crucial. Partnering with us means aligning with excellence, sustainability, and innovation, gaining visibility, and engaging with industry leaders.

Reach out to discuss details. Let’s make 2024 impactful together!

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