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Coronavirus: Hong Kong lifts all restrictions on arrivals to city, ends ‘0+3’ regime


13 Dec 2022

Arrivals from Wednesday who test negative will no longer need an amber health code and can enter restaurants and other premises previously off limits to them.
New rules will also do away with scanning of QR code on app to enter citywide premises, but restaurant patrons and entrants to certain venues will still need to show jabs record

The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong welcomes the latest announcement of the Hong Kong Government on the removal of most remaining CoVid measures for arriving passengers. This long-awaited news is yet another clear signal that we are moving towards the right direction and that Hong Kong is getting ready to welcome back the world.

We hope that the Government will proceed to remove all the remaining measures and turn the Covid page once and for all, aligning with the rest of the world: removing the mandatory use of masks in public and relaxing measures at schools would be some of the initiatives we expect to see soon.

 We are aware that the reputation of Hong Kong abroad has not completely recovered yet, therefore we offer our help and support to start rebuilding it and re-activate the international trade between Hong Kong and Europe.

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