Once again, members representing EuroCham’s HK Board, Business Councils and Team met on Wednesday 5th May with the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, Head of Budget and Tax Policy Unit, Ms Jessie Wong, and Press Secretary, Ms Belinda Wong.

Participants engaged in a discussion on the 2021/22 HK Budget, and general matters concerning the business community in Hong Kong with a focus on wine&spirits, intellectual property rights, automotive, sustainability, sourcing&trading sectors.

The smoothness of the COVID-19 vaccination programme implemented by the Government was appreciated by EuroCham, highlighting in parallel the need to put in place measures that motivate citizens to get vaccinated on the way to herd immunity. EuroCham also voiced out their concerns on the yet very strict quarantine measures, which are in turn affecting the overall Hong Kong economy.


European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong:
Chairman, Frederik Gollob
Vice-Chairman, Davide De Rosa
Board Secretary, Jan William Möller
Manager, Núria Sau

Wine&Spirits Business Council:
Chairman, James Paton

Intellectual Property Rights Business Council:
Chairman, Jessica Chan

European Automotive Council:
Chairman, Lothar Korn

EuroCham Council for Sustainable Development:
Chairman, Alexander Mastrovito

European Sourcing and Trading Business Council
Representative, Bhaskar Sambamurthy

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