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Hong Kong’s jobless rate remained unchanged at 6.1 per cent in August during the height of the city’s third wave of 
Covid-19 infections, but the number of people underemployed hit a 17-year high.

For the rolling three months between June and August, the unemployment rate stayed the same as for the May to July period, the Census and Statistics Department revealed on Thursday, with the number of people without work rising by 5,800 to 248,300.

The third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in early July plunged the city deeper into a public health crisis, with more people infected and dying from the virus than previously and tougher social-distancing rules imposed.

Secretary for Labour and Welfare Dr Law Chi-kwong said the underemployment rate rose 0.3 percentage points to a post-Sars high of 3.8 per cent, with increases concentrated in the food and beverage services, transport, insurance and education sectors.

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